Johnson’s North and South Carolina


Johnson’s North and South Carolina                                                        

Johnson and Ward
From Johnson’s New Illustrated Family Atlas
New York
Lithograph after engraving, original wash color


The Johnson Family Atlas was very popular in the 1860s, offering

Americans many different travel options.  Whether by roadway, railroad, river or canal, one could always plan a trip by these maps with relative ease. 


This map of North and South Carolina shows three vignettes of the differing terrain in the region – from the mountains to Charleston’s Harbor. It also included statistical and historical information compiled by A. J. Johnson and J. H. Colton of New York.


reproduced from The Mapmaker’s Art: The Bishop Collection of Antique Maps from the permanent collection of the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum


printed by 803 Labs, Inc.


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