An Accurate Map of North and South Carolina . . . by Henry Mouzon and others


An Accurate Map of North and South Carolina . . .  by Henry Mouzon and others. 

Published by Sayer & Bennett
Copperplate engraving on 4 sheets, joined. Original outline color.


This large 1775 map of North and South Carolina, printed on the eve of the American Revolution "for many years . . . was the basis on which maps of the two states were made."  Mouzon's objective for the map was to correct any inaccuracies from previous maps of the region and break the "colony" into subdivisions of Counties, Districts, Parishes and Native American Land Tracts. In an advertisement by Mouzon appearing in a South Carolina newspaper, May 6, 1774, he defends the issue of the enormous size of the map stating: "as in every map or plan it is necessary for the eye to command the whole at one view, in order to form a just idea of the relation and connection between . . . the parts while at the same time it should be so large as to avoid the confusion occasioned by being too much crowded."  Because of its detail, and the fact that it was the most up-to-date map of the area at the time, it was used extensively by American, British and French armies during the Revolutionary War. "George Washingon's copy of the map, folded and cloth backed for saddlebag use, is in the American Geographical Society Library . . . General Henry Clinton's British Headquarters' copy is in the William Clements Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the copy used by French Lieutenant General de Vimeur Rochambeau is in the Library of Congress." 


The map was published both in separate sheets and in Thomas Jeffery's American Atlas, a copy of which was used by Lord Cornwallis during his Carolinas campaign.


Henry Mouzon was a South Carolinian and is believed to be from St. Stephen's Parish, Craven County.  He died in 1777 leaving as part of his estate "sundry maps and 2 copperplates." (All quotes from Cumming).


reproduced from The Mapmaker’s Art: The Bishop Collection of Antique Maps from the permanent collection of the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum


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