Goffinet McLaren | Sullie Saves the Seas

When Goffinet McLaren`s new super-hero, Sullie, sees that plastic pollution is destroying his precious Turtle Beach, he calls his friends to action. Sullie, Speedy the sandpiper, Plonkie the pelican, Eddo the eagle, and Allo the albatross, form a Secret Society. Working together, the cast of characters create a fun-filled, exciting adventure that takes aim at specific thoughtless humans who are causing environmental damage to the beach and to Sullie`s ocean pals. Chapter by chapter, Sullie`s clever schemes deliver a delightful tale that you will enjoy sharing with your children and friends. Sullie's story is dedicated to all the seagulls, sandpipers, pelicans, eagles, albatrosses, whales, dolphins and seals that have prematurely lost their lives due to plastic pollution. (Paperback)


by Goffinet McLaren


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